Tips & Tricks: A Guide To Hacking Your Job

  • 27 July 2022
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How’s it feel to be a master of your domain? Pretty nice, huh? Help enrich a peer by enlightening the community with a best practice you’ve recently deployed to make your job less stressful.


✅ DO

• Be detailed! Include the problem, the solution you’ve found effective, and where

• Drop an external link to your source. Try and stick to reputable URLs – you don’t want to send us in to the dark web, do you?

• Make requests. You aren’t the only one experiencing a pain point, and someone has found a great way to approach it.



• Pass off an idea as your own. Give attribution for white papers, presentations, templates and the like. Or let a link do the talking.

• Upload program files, zips or scripts. Despite best intentions, these file types are a bit suspect.

• Be punchy. Hit the Lounge if you want to be sarcastic. Only legitimate finds here.


Enjoy the journey, and if your advice is exceptionally incredible, we may ask you to star in a future webinar!

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