Continue the Conversation: Exclusive Preview of Workable's New Candidate Database and Profile

  • 9 November 2022
  • 8 replies

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Many thanks to @nick.polanchik and @Ryan Varney for giving us a glimpse into the next generation of Workable’s candidate database and profile experience. Here’s the replay:

If your question didn’t get answered during the session, or if watching the replay stirred up a few more, feel free to ask below! Also, we’d love your general feedback in the comments.

8 replies

@Damien How can we get the early access to the New Candidate Database and Profile and when can we get it?

@vamsi3001 great questions, I’ll step in for Damien to help answer! The open beta period is a progressive rollout, starting the week of November 14 to plans without a hiring plan and then a progressive rollout the week of November 28 for plans using a hiring plan.

When the open beta is available for your account, you’ll see a pulsating notification dot on your Candidates tab at the top toolbar. Once you click that you’ll see a pop-up to enroll in the open beta. 

I hope you love the open beta, and please provide feedback during your use!

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@vamsi3001 - Progressive rollout of the open beta begins November 14th. You’ll be able to turn the beta on and off at the user level.

so excited for this! 
quick question but if you have hiring managers aligned to certain roles, say in finance team, would they still be able to see what other jobs a candidate had applied for with us in other teams? I know they can’t now if they weren’t assigned to the job but we have a lot of crossover and people applying for multiple jobs so would be really helpful :) 

thanks, Joey

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@Joey  Looks like that will be a part of the new candidate experience (in the replay around 6:20). Exciting stuff!

thanks @Damien that is awesome!! Very very exciting stuff!! thank you guys! 

 @Damien for the new candidate search functions in Workable that allow you to search internal resumes better they mentioned that it wasn’t boolean but that there were special characters to use for the search. Do you happen to know what they are? 


@Patrice you can find all the search modifiers here

Likely towards the end of the beta we’ll also make these more user friendly, similar to how the modifiers in People Search work