Asynchronous hiring: boon or bane?

  • 4 August 2022
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Inspired from another thread with a community member looking for video interviewing solutions, I’ve heard from two camps of recruiting and talent pros:

  • folks who love async tools because they cut time to hire and are excellent options to weed out unqualified candidates early, and
  • those who see them as a cumbersome layer that feel a bit impersonal to talent and candidates.

What’re your thoughts? Poll and comment!

How do you feel about asynchronous interviewing tools?

1 reply

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What I would love to see as well is feedback from candidates on the same topic:

Are they finding the jobhunt easier when they can record their video responses at a time that works for them (i.e. those already working full-time can do so outside of work hours, those with young kids can do so once kids are in bed)?

Or do they feel like they’re on the “recruitment conveyer belt” due to the lack of real-time human interaction?

Don’t forget – candidates are kind of like your customers. You’re wooing them to your jobs. You need to make it a good experience all around, otherwise they’ll tell their friends.