Workable updates: August 2022

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Workable updates: August 2022

Campaign predictions for Indeed Sponsored Jobs

Before purchasing an Indeed Sponsored Job from the Find Candidates page in Workable, you’ll now get a performance prediction. Based on the type of job, budget and duration, see an estimate for the number of candidates you can expect to apply through the campaign.

For new Indeed customers, claim a $100 credit when you use Workable to sponsor your first job on Indeed.

Referrals portal

Choose to exclude specific jobs from the Referrals Portal or to add them to the “Promoted” section for more visibility. Access these settings in the “Find Candidates” section when editing a job.

A new social sharing option enables users to share a link to all your public jobs. Rather than sharing one job at a time, your coworkers can use this link to share all jobs at once, while still getting credit for referrals they bring in. Copy your personal social sharing link from the main page of your Referrals Portal dashboard.

Report exports

Date/time fields have been reformatted to be friendly for sorting and filtering.

Answers to application form questions are now exported in their own columns improve readability and filtering options.

Self Management Group integration 

Self Management Group (SMG) is one of the largest personality assessment companies operating in over 40 countries and 40 languages. Proprietary assessments, unique self-management training, corporate diagnostics, and the introduction of AI and bot technology, help their clients to utilize the latest in talent management solutions. 

Integrate with SMG through the Settings > Integrations page in Workable.

YESSS!!! My organization was not able to use the referrals platform since we could not exclude certain jobs for the portal. This is a huge win and make the portal usable for us!! This update was one of my wishlist items that I sent to my account manager- Jack Anderson months ago! Not sure if my request had anything to do with this update or if you guys realized on your own, either way this is great news! Here is the rest of my wishlist in case you were curious 😊


Blurry, but can’t attach a PDF. Email me at ********* if you would like the PDF! 

Thanks for sharing, @KristinaBach ! We’re sure Jack had something to do with it. 😀
As this is a public announcement, your email address was redacted from the post. You’re welcome to solicit direct messages from the Community for requests on your PDF. Thank you again, and we’re thrilled you’re excited about this update!