Roadmap update

What's on the horizon - Workable features and updates

Hello again, everyone! Happy Friday to anyone reading this soon after I post. You may have already seen this in our quarterly Product Newsletter, but I wanted to share some of the exciting things Workable has on the horizon.


Candidates page redesign: A full redesign of the “Candidates” page with enhanced filters, more candidate information at a glance (including what other jobs the candidate is in), only one candidate profile per search, and even bulk emailing - yes - from the Candidates page.



Improved candidate profile: A full redesign of the candidate profile with better information at a glance including other jobs, all evaluations, and tabs to organize the candidate's timeline.




Post jobs through mobile: Workable's mobile app is getting an upgrade. In addition to tools for screening, evaluating, and getting candidate notifications, you'll soon be able to post jobs right from the Workable iOS app too.


Hope you’re as excited as we are!

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