Q2 Product Updates

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Hi everyone! My name’s Ryan and I’m a Product Marketing Manager here at Workable. You’re going to see a lot more of me.


I wanted to share what we’ve released in Q2 this year. It’s a lot, but I’m sure you’ll find a few things that will help you right away (hello, event description templates).




Self-service creation of custom fields: Account Admins can create custom fields in the candidate profile and application form. This gives your team nearly full control of the candidate profile and application form – the sections, fields, and order of them. Go to custom fields


Event description templates: Account Admins can create and manage event description templates in multiple languages – just like other communication templates. When you schedule an event simply select the description you want to save time. Go to templates


Auto-send video interviews and assessments from any provider: When a candidate is moved to a specific stage, Automated Actions will send them the appropriate video interview or assessment from your provider, automatically. Go to Automated Actions


Resurfaced candidates improvements: Candidates can automatically be brought back based on their competency for the job or performance in past interviews, meaning you’ll be able to move faster through stages resulting in a faster time to hire. You’ll now see labels that denote why a candidate was suggested for outreach. View in help center


Personality assessment updates: For Workable personality assessments, labels highlighting response quality (Extreme, Inconsistent, Positive,…) can now appear on a candidate’s results to provide more context to the candidate’s responses. Check out assessments


Mobile app candidate database: Added enhanced filter options and 'at a glance' details, including candidate location. Download the Workable app on iOS or Android to check it out.


LinkedIn Company ID setup: Connect job posts to your company on LinkedIn for improved visibility and more candidates. If you haven’t already added your Company ID, you’ll now be prompted to when creating a job or can do so from the Settings > Integrations page.


Indeed Sponsored Jobs: You can now use Workable's new Indeed Sponsored Jobs integration to bolster your job postings. Gain more visibility and attract more talent by reaching the candidates who are most likely to apply. Indeed Sponsored Jobs are 4.5X more likely to result in a hire. View the details in our help center




SEEK: Workable’s SEEK integration has been updated to enable more customization. Great for those that post in AU!


TestGorilla: Cognitive ability tests, programming tests, personality tests, language tests, and much more. Start predicting real-world job performance today with TestGorilla’s library of 200+ scientifically validated tests.


Harver: A pre-employment assessment platform that enables innovative companies globally to transform their candidate selection process into a pleasant experience for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.


Orange Tree: User-friendly background check technology that delivers fast turnaround times and an engaging candidate experience.


Equalture: Use gamified assessments to measure your candidates' skills and behaviors, without any interference from subjectivity or biases.

Deel: Use Deel for global payroll and compliant hiring solutions built for international teams.


We’ll definitely be posting our updates here, but if you want to check them at any time, bookmark What's New on Workable


We also welcome any feedback on what we’ve released – how it’s helpful, what could be improved, etc!

Hey @Ryan Varney,

Thanks for the info on all the integrations and features.
It will be very useful to have a setting where we (Talent) can receive a notification reminder to reply back to candidates within a timeframe set? Thought on providing this feedback as I can see the need of it, at least in my case.

Thank you!



@RominaAranzola thanks for that feedback - I definitely see how that can be useful to maintain the candidate experience. I sift through and sort all of our product feedback so I’ll make sure to mark this one down!

I know it’s not the same thing, but I recommend using our Automated Actions feature if you aren’t already. You’ll be able to automate some of these scenarios like sending an intro email, disqualification email, an email when the candidate makes it to a new stage, or even auto-send a self-schedule link. It can all be done with a short delay as well. 

@Ryan Varney  Automated actions have been working great! Event templates have also been a great add. 


I wanted to ask about considering a General area to leave notes/comments for each job. Like an “internal notes” section/ status section for each job where I can also book an internal meeting to to discuss with the hiring team. 


Example: Leaving a comment for a collegue to review the “applied” bucket. 

“Hey @john, could you please review the canidates in the applied folder and leave your evualtaions so I can proceed with booking..” 


Another Example: Overall Status update for a job

“Team - We have 3 final interviews happening Wednesday and we need your fb back quickly so we can make a decision and get an offer out by Friday - Offer projected by COB this week!”


Final Example: General Update 

“ Team, Were not getting any strong candidates for this role & need to re strategize. @mark could we look into using that agency again?”


I know it is possible to leave comments/ and book internal meetings under a specific person but it would be really helpful to be able have a hover over “At a glance” type status for each role. 


@jen glad you’re liking Automated Actions and Event templates!

I’ll mark this one down as well ✍️ . It’s also great that you provided those examples – they’ll help our designers/product team understand the exact use cases. Almost like general team and specific job announcements. Makes sense!

@jen (great username grab btw - highly coveted!): Consider popping the suggested feature(s) in our product ideas section, Workable.next: https://community.workable.com/ideas

Hey @Ryan Varney, do you have a plan to integrate hiring managers citation (inbox) wihth Slack channels?

I’d love to see auto-actions be able to send the integrated tests automatically upon application - should candidates pass the application questions. 

Totally agree with the ideas above, that would be really helpful as we are so focused on driving velocity 

We would also really like the ability to do more on the bulk side, eg be able to edit source, add tags, etc  if that would be possible? 

Another thing that would be really helpful would be to have the jobs that candidates have applied to show to each hiring manager/ standard member even if they have not been assigned to the other roles, 


we have many candidates that apply for a number of different roles in different locations and so appears to some team members as the only application, where in fact they have made atleast 3 and are all being progressed separately with no visibility of each other - that would be amazing!

Hey @Ryan Varney ,

With regards to event description templates, it would be super helpful if recruiters can attached documents as well when sending the invite out. Hope this can be considered.

@Ryan Varney Thanks for sharing. C

@Ryan Varney Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if we could add a section as: ‘’ reasons of rejection’’ for each stage and could extract it in the report too. For example how many of the candidates were rejected because of lack of competencies , or how many of the candidates Withdrew during the process, etc. :) 

@Cordeiro that’s on our radar as we shape the roadmap for 2023! That’s a great one to add to our product ideas section of Community, Workable.next https://community.workable.com/ideas


@GlobalRecruiter I think I also shared this in another thread, but you can do that! Automated Actions can automatically send a Workable Assessment or assessment from another provider.


@Joey we are going to have improved bulk actions in our candidates page redesign toward the later half of this year, and I know bulk tagging is included - I’ll have to check about bulk editing.


Also, with this redesign, HM’s and other account members will be able to see what other jobs the candidate is in, but won’t be able to click into that job, of course!


@May Leen this makes sense, I’ve marked it down! This would be a great thing to include in the  Workable.next section of Community: https://community.workable.com/ideas


@SaharV I could see how that would be helpful, a great thing to add to our Product Ideas sections of Community, Workable.next: https://community.workable.com/ideas

@Ryan Varney - correct, but only is a manual movement is made from one stage to the next - it would be ideal to have the option for the tests to be issues automatically upon application (and passing qualifying application questions) ;-)

@GlobalRecruiter ah, that makes sense! I’ll mark it down.