New: Candidate Database and Profile beta

Hi all,Some very exciting news (that some of you may have already seen) – we are progressively rolling out access to our new Candidate Database and Profile beta. Every customer (except those using Hiring Plan) will have access to the beta in the next few days. Those with Hiring Plan will have access in the next couple of weeks.Visit the Candidates page to see if you’re able to enable. Enabling/disabling the beta is at the user level, so don’t worry about making changes for others in your account. We collected a lot of customer feedback, so the Candidates database and Profile have been overhauled with new functionality and a new design, including:Improved search and filteringNew filtering capabilities (including location) Boolean search capability Bulk actionsSend email to candidates, move them to new jobs, and more New candidate cardMuch more information at a glance, including other jobs (and their performance in them) New profile designProfile now organized into tabs instead of one long timeline New sidebar (coming soon) Provides important details at a glance (like other jobs, upcoming events) New input method for comments and evaluations so the profile can be viewed at the same time  Planned improvementsRight now, some candidate actions will be greyed out and bring you to the candidate profile in the job to complete the action. These will become active throughout the beta. The new profile will also be added to the job view so the same great candidate profile experience will be everywhere in Workable The side panel (image above) will be added very soonFeedback Please provide feedback while using the beta so we can improve!​ For all changes and details, visit our Help Center article, or feel free tag me in a question below. Happy hiring! 

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New Integrations from Q2 2022

AssessmentsEqualture offers gamified assessments to measure your candidates’ skills and behaviours unbiasedly. Benchmarked against your team and culture. Right at the start of the funnel.TestGorilla offers cognitive ability tests, programming tests, software skill tests, personality tests, culture add tests, language tests, and much more. We provide multiple question types so that you can conduct one-way video interviews, allow candidates to upload portfolios, and more. Start predicting real-world job performance today with our library of 200+ scientifically validated tests.Harver offers pre-employment assessments that enables innovative companies globally to transform their candidate selection process into a pleasant experience for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. Video InterviewsHackerEarth FaceCode offers video interviews for companies to hire technical talent. FaceCode provides an IDE with 40+ programming language support and has interview friendly features to help companies hire better. Background ChecksOrange Tree offers user-friendly background checks that deliver fast turnaround times and an engaging candidate experience. When you need help, our dedicated client care reps provide the answers you deserve. Remote HiringDeel offers global payroll and compliant hiring solution built for international teams. Companies can instantly hire full-time employees or independent contractors across the world legally and create localized legal contracts in over 150 countries.

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Workable updates: August 2022

Campaign predictions for Indeed Sponsored JobsBefore purchasing an Indeed Sponsored Job from the Find Candidates page in Workable, you’ll now get a performance prediction. Based on the type of job, budget and duration, see an estimate for the number of candidates you can expect to apply through the campaign.For new Indeed customers, claim a $100 credit when you use Workable to sponsor your first job on Indeed.Referrals portalChoose to exclude specific jobs from the Referrals Portal or to add them to the “Promoted” section for more visibility. Access these settings in the “Find Candidates” section when editing a job.A new social sharing option enables users to share a link to all your public jobs. Rather than sharing one job at a time, your coworkers can use this link to share all jobs at once, while still getting credit for referrals they bring in. Copy your personal social sharing link from the main page of your Referrals Portal dashboard.Report exportsDate/time fields have been reformatted to be friendly for sorting and filtering.Answers to application form questions are now exported in their own columns improve readability and filtering options.Self Management Group integration Self Management Group (SMG) is one of the largest personality assessment companies operating in over 40 countries and 40 languages. Proprietary assessments, unique self-management training, corporate diagnostics, and the introduction of AI and bot technology, help their clients to utilize the latest in talent management solutions. Integrate with SMG through the Settings > Integrations page in Workable.

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Q2 Product Updates

Hi everyone! My name’s Ryan and I’m a Product Marketing Manager here at Workable. You’re going to see a lot more of me. I wanted to share what we’ve released in Q2 this year. It’s a lot, but I’m sure you’ll find a few things that will help you right away (hello, event description templates). Features Self-service creation of custom fields: Account Admins can create custom fields in the candidate profile and application form. This gives your team nearly full control of the candidate profile and application form – the sections, fields, and order of them. Go to custom fields Event description templates: Account Admins can create and manage event description templates in multiple languages – just like other communication templates. When you schedule an event simply select the description you want to save time. Go to templates Auto-send video interviews and assessments from any provider: When a candidate is moved to a specific stage, Automated Actions will send them the appropriate video interview or assessment from your provider, automatically. Go to Automated Actions Resurfaced candidates improvements: Candidates can automatically be brought back based on their competency for the job or performance in past interviews, meaning you’ll be able to move faster through stages resulting in a faster time to hire. You’ll now see labels that denote why a candidate was suggested for outreach. View in help center Personality assessment updates: For Workable personality assessments, labels highlighting response quality (Extreme, Inconsistent, Positive,…) can now appear on a candidate’s results to provide more context to the candidate’s responses. Check out assessments Mobile app candidate database: Added enhanced filter options and 'at a glance' details, including candidate location. Download the Workable app on iOS or Android to check it out. LinkedIn Company ID setup: Connect job posts to your company on LinkedIn for improved visibility and more candidates. If you haven’t already added your Company ID, you’ll now be prompted to when creating a job or can do so from the Settings > Integrations page. Indeed Sponsored Jobs: You can now use Workable's new Indeed Sponsored Jobs integration to bolster your job postings. Gain more visibility and attract more talent by reaching the candidates who are most likely to apply. Indeed Sponsored Jobs are 4.5X more likely to result in a hire. View the details in our help center Integrations SEEK: Workable’s SEEK integration has been updated to enable more customization. Great for those that post in AU! TestGorilla: Cognitive ability tests, programming tests, personality tests, language tests, and much more. Start predicting real-world job performance today with TestGorilla’s library of 200+ scientifically validated tests. Harver: A pre-employment assessment platform that enables innovative companies globally to transform their candidate selection process into a pleasant experience for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. Orange Tree: User-friendly background check technology that delivers fast turnaround times and an engaging candidate experience. Equalture: Use gamified assessments to measure your candidates' skills and behaviors, without any interference from subjectivity or biases.Deel: Use Deel for global payroll and compliant hiring solutions built for international teams. We’ll definitely be posting our updates here, but if you want to check them at any time, bookmark What's New on Workable We also welcome any feedback on what we’ve released – how it’s helpful, what could be improved, etc!

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