Was Josh Bersin right? Predictions from 2021

  • 28 July 2022
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In Feb 2021, Josh Bersin predicted the key changes in HR mid- and post-pandemic. Lunch and learn with this presentation and see just how accurate these foreseen trends were, and what we can expect moving forward.



TL;DWatch? The top ten takeaways are reflected upon here.

Sound off: Did your company see the same future, and how did you respond?


2 replies

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This is a must view, very informative with multiple pieces of relevant, useful and implementational ideas. 

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I was really impressed with the optimistic tone that Mr. Bersin brought to the table. It’s become so hard to work in HR throughout these last two years, and amid all the doom and gloom, he’s reminding HR folks that this is actually an opportunity. I loved his opening line about being in an effervescent time.