Quiet Quitting: The buzzphrase that'll quiet away in no time

  • 25 August 2022
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Our regular contributor the Evil HR Lady tries to decode the various definitions of quiet quitting, and calms employers’ nerves by confirming: this is nothing new. And it’s actually pretty common.



DISCUSS: Consensus is ‘quiet quitting’ is simply the resistance to overachieving. Has a general work ethic shifted? Are your people managers okay with this trend?

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It’s a sign of the pendulum swinging back to a more “normal” position. The Great Resignation was the pendulum swinging from “live to work” to the other extreme. This needed to happen, of course, and now it’s settled into the realities of “work to live”. People still need to put food on the table – but they aren’t buying into the hustle-bustle anymore.

And you know what? I agree with Suzanne (the author of the article). It’s not as bad of a situation as employers may think it is.