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  • 26 July 2022
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First community rodeo or your fiftieth, it’s always a good idea to take a peek at the house rules. These Community Guidelines may not be groundbreaking, and should feel like common sense, but they’re important nonetheless.

Your participation here is subject to these Guidelines and our Terms of Use. Take 2 minutes to review them.

Be Cool

This is a shared safe space, and being here means you’re open to being open. You don’t always have to agree, but any intolerance towards a fellow community member, Workable employee, or event guest will not be permitted, and may result in a permaban. There is plenty of internet for flame wars, trolling and the like – let’s not let that be here.


Respect Privacy

Absolutely zero doxxing of personal information shared here. Anything that’s in a community member’s profile is fair game, but please avoid taking liberties when referencing someone else. If in doubt, ask.


No Commercial Activity 

We require our revenue teams to steer clear of the community, because this isn’t the place for selling. As such, and as amazing as your company’s product or service may be, we’re asking the same from you: keep the forums and Q&A pitch free. 


Learn By Doing 

If you see a question you can answer, do it. If there’s a topic you feel comfy commenting on, do it. If there’s a topic you’re not entirely clear about but want to know more, ask for more. This beast gets big with activity!


Act Like A Community Pro (Even If You’re Not)

Search is your friend, and it digs through our Help Center, too. Before you submit your A in Q&A, take a peek at the existing answers and upvote similar suggestions. Private messages can be public if a recipient decides it, so be mindful of your outreach. Varying opinions make for excellent conversation, but don’t let things slide in to name calling or ad hominem attacks. (If in doubt, see rule #1.)


In Case of a Violation:
The robots do a lot of the dirty work, taking care of guideline violations in the background. Occasionally, something might sneak through. You have the ability to flag inappropriate posts, and we encourage you to do so. Our team is still small, and it takes a village to keep a village, right? Your flagged material will go the attention of a Workable Community Manager, and we reserve the right to remove content (or occasionally accounts) for breaking the rules. 


Questions? Use search, ping a fellow community member, or contact me, @Damien, directly. I’m happy to help. And again, welcome to Community at Workable!

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