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We thought it might be fun to know who’s who, while we’re perusing the nooks of our community. I’ll start!

Name’s Damien, and I’m head of all things Community at Workable – a brand you should know and hopefully love. I’m a father of two under 7 and living the suburban life south of Boston, Massachusetts USA.

⚠️ Mandatory favorites list ⚠️

Snack Chips and salsa
Book Animal Farm
Article of clothing

Allbirds tree skippers

Movie/TV Show Six Feet Under (still undefeated)

Share as a much or as little as you’d like. Looking forward to e-meeting you all!


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Hi there!

My name is Carmen, I’m in Santiago de Chile, mother of two boys under 5 and love market research.

My focus industries are Fashion & Beauty, a highly volatile market under current situations.

I speak four languages and have travel a lot around the world, always looking for new cultures and food flavours.

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Hello all! Hi, @Damien .

Excited to see community @workable nearing launch for all to benefit from.

I'm Roda a passionate HR professional currently based in Dubai, UAE. I am so happy to have been part of Workable's early years (2016) and to see it flourish!

Looking forward to meeting Recruitment Heroes here in the Workable community!

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Welcome @Carmen Silva ! What are the four languages? Global foodies unite 😃

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Hi @Roda ! Thrilled to have a long-standing customer in the community. Something tells me you’ll be in high demand over in Q&A… Welcome aboard.

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@Damien I speak spanish, french, portuguese (Brazil) and English. I tried hard to learn german, I do unerstand it, but never able to speak or read it fluently.

Hi all and @Damien ! 

I’m Jessica, Sr. Recruiter for a healthcare technology company located in Atlanta, GA. Our company is bringing huge changes to healthcare here in the US and with those changes we have  ALOT of hiring initiatives. I’m a mom of 2 (13 and 9), we love traveling and spending time in the North Georgia Mountains. 

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Hi @jesswagner and welcome! Healthcare tech is always so exciting – can’t wait to see what your company has in store. And congrats on the hiring boom! Here’s hoping you can escape the chaos soon and enjoy some mountain time.

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Hello everyone, 

Working in video games 360 recruitment on a global scale which is a tough gig so am looking forward to sharing ideas, initiatives, knowledge and discussing relevant issues which we all face on a daily basis.  Glad to be here - looking forward to collaborating with you all!

Hey Everyone, 

I work for a fast scaling Renewable energy business! I lead a small team of 4 TAs as well as Chairing the ED&I committee as Talent & Inclusion Lead. Needless to say with the Energy crisis over the last 9 months we have found it an uphill challenge to hire top talent. I’m looking forward to picking some brains, sharing ideas and being part of a community thats striving to collectively improve TA 

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Hey @Jason Tunney - welcome to a fellow renewables superfan! (Solar house and ½ fleet of EVs. My wife is warming up to a trade-in 😀)  If we get a surge of HR heroes in green business, I’m happy to create an industry group for y’all. 

@GlobalRecruiter - you are on fire! Love the questions and suggestions you’re offering the community on day one. Video gaming market set to hit a quarter of trillion USD this year? Insane.

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Yeah, the industry is on fire, similar to others but we're certainly only hitting the tip of the iceberg with other industries entering the video game/VR technology scene such as healthcare etc.  Recruitment itself is at an all time high, especially for us hero's - I have never seen so many global roles on offer trying to entice me away from my job.  It’s very satisfying to see the whole HR/talent industry booming!

Hi all! I hope you’re well :) 

My name is Francesca,  I am originally from Italy but have been in London for the last 5 years! I am one of the two Internal Recruiters at SamKnows, a tech company based in London. We work with regulators and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to make the internet better! 🙂 Looking forward to exchange ideas and insights about the industry, seems like the market is rapidly changing! 

Name’s Alena, and I’m Sr.Dir of POPs with Foghorn Therapeutics – biotech company hoping to cure cancer with chromatin science. I’m a mother of 11 yo pediatric stroke survivor, who is a joy of my life and living the suburban life in Newton, Massachusetts USA.

I am originally from Kyrgyzstan, and US is my third country to live in. In the past I worked on a lot of M&A projects and worked across Europe, Latin America and Middle East.

⚠️ Mandatory favorites list ⚠️

Snack Celery and guac
Book The Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq
Article of clothing

Dress by Jason Wu

Movie/TV Show Westworld
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Welcome @Francesca and @AlenaReva (who is basically my neighbor)! Never had celery and guac, but I have to say: it makes sense.

Hey everyone, my name is Michalis and I am heading Product in Workable. I am based in Athens, father of 2 and an outdoor enthusiast.
I am thrilled to be part of this community, to learn more about all of you and bounce ideas. If you have any product feedback, requests or crazy ideas please go ahead and submit them in the Workable.next section and the product team including myself will do our best to answer them and hopefully make them part of our Product roadmap.

See you there!

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Hi everyone,

My name’s Sahar. I’m People & Culture manager at a technology company in Istanbul, Turkey, named Enrich. I love Sushi and seafood. My favorite book is still Harry Potter and my favorite animation series is Rick & Morty. Nice to see you all here! :)


Hi everyone,

Great to e-meet you! My name is Sigrid, I live in Amsterdam and I’m Head of HR for Leads.io We are a lead generation agency and we are scaling up fast! We are now located in the Netherlands, Canada, France, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Germany and Australia!

Love to learn more from you guys with all the (fun) challenges growing businesses are facing.

⚠️ Mandatory favorites list ⚠️

Snack Depends on my mood 🙂 - rn nacho’s
Book Nicci French
Article of clothing

Zara dress

Movie/TV Show Bridgerton - Ray Donovan

Have a great day!

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Welcome @SaharV and @Sigridtenhove ! I’ll never say no to good sushi… or nachos. Glad to have you both in our community.

Hi all, I’m Oli, I work in Recruitment for nDreams and am 19 years old.

Book i don’t read but my favourite film is catch me if you can if thats any consolation 
Article of clothing

i don’t know what this means but if it means favourite clothing piece i will say my brown cords

Movie/TV Show probably family guy hahahaha
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Keith here. I’m content strategy manager at Workable and am loving this community.

I’m a father of two – one 10, one 5, both rambunctious, high-energy boys – and I’m also just outside of Boston.

Snack: can be an Indian snack delicacy I’ll find at a local Indian supermarket, or a slice (or three) of my wife’s amazing chocolate cake. 

Article of clothing: Now that the weather is cooling down, I’m wearing my super-awesome warm wooly socks that I’ve been waiting all summer to put on. They are, however, magnets for the dog hair that’s all over the carpet.

TV show: The Wire. End of discussion.

And I’ll add a fun fact: I’ve been to Chernobyl twice. Yes, really. It was back during peaceful times, in 2001-2002, when I was working in Kyiv. 

Edit: I forgot books – anything by Dostoyevsky. Time’s Arrow by Martin Amis absolutely broke my head. Victor LaValle – especially Big Machine. Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris – an amazing satire of working life in a corporate agency. And I’ll gladly lap up some early Stephen King.

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@olivr Lasagna is an ultimate comfort food, absolutely. Welcome to the community!