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Community Site Map: What's Where and How

  • 18 May 2022
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Community Site Map: What's Where and How
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Hey, you made it! So glad you’re here. A new community can be quite overwhelming, so here’s a snapshot of what’s at your disposal.

And who am I? @Damien, Workable’s head of community, at your service.


🗣️️️️️ Discussable
Open fora where you can chat about industry news, hot button issues, community updates, 


Your questions answered. Your answers to peer questions. From product inquiries to putting out work fires, here’s where the hive mind can get or provide instant input on pressing questions.


🏆 Achievable
Time to brag! Share tips and tricks, a serious professional win, or anything else that will enrich the community.


🎤 Attendable
Virtual events and workshops meant to enlighten, engage and intrigue. Or socialize - like our first meet & greet slated for Wednesday, August 10th.


📝 Product Updates / What’s New?
This is where we keep you updated on what’s happening to our company, the community or our products & services.


Tell us what you want to see in future versions of Workable solutions, and they might just become reality!


🔮 Future Stuff: Community-led events, interest groups, testers, customer spotlights, and more!


Next Step: Hop on over and introduce yourself here!


3 replies

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@Damien might be an error with the post - “Time to crow!” - unsure if that’s meant to say “Time to grow” ?  I might be mistaken but whatever it is, its not globalised ;-)

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Gotta keep the local vernacular in check! Crowing = bragging proudly.

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Never heard this saying before - I stand corrected then -) Learn something new every day!